We strongly recommend hand wash of THE NADHI dresses. In case you want to perform machine washes ensure that you use mild detergents. 

Avoid mixing our dresses with dresses made of man-made fibres (such as polyester, nylon and so on). This is to prevent micro fibre residue getting absorbed to our products that are harmful.

Use cold water. 

Do not bleach or soak.
We strongly recommend hanging to drip-dry in well ventilated and shade. Direct sunlight will cause color fading. 

In case you want to use a dryer, garments must be turned inside-out to prevent snaps. 

Remove items promptly from dryer, preferably when still damp.
Elements of nature
Earthly & rich colors are achieved using elements that are close to nature. So the color will tone down after every wash. 

We want you to wear our pieces for years, following the instructions will help reduce the tone down after every wash.
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