Latest news: Launched new silk series collections!


The Nadhi creates designs by hand picking high-quality raw materials, inspires regular use & prevent waste.

Our fabrics are made by hand to not just ensure high quality but also preserve environment by using natural energy, & less water. Either we use natural dyes or GOTS-compliant fabric dyes that follow the GOTS water treatment standards that removes harmful toxins.


The Nadhi builds purpose made designs for the younger generations to grow along & layer up in their own unique style. We inspire sustainable slow fashion & less consumption.

Less consumption & maximum use: The goal here is to reduce the carbon, water & waste footprint by promoting extended or multiple use.

Our collections include "Grow-with-me” concept ensuring kids can wear the dress for an extended period without repair or removing stiches. The “Modular” concept ensures the outfits can be creatively styled up in different ways to meet different occasional needs.

Zero waste: The goal is to have zero inventory waste & everything we produce is made-to-order (tailored for your body shape & age-balanced customizations)

Recycle: The goal is recovering products & re-integrate them into a new fashion life-cycle. Our products are designed using natural fibres & eco-friendly raw materials (including buttons & zippers) that can be re-cycled back to its natural state.

We’ll create style with a greater impact on our society! Everything we choose to do is designed for the best for our planet! There is a social cause too, “A purchase you make, we will help a person in need”

It’s just the beginning. What’s Next?

Clothes are basic necessity, yet the process today is extremely wasteful & polluting. We hope we can establish a sustainable business model with our current process. Leveraging the success of current business model, we aspire to move towards Making Fashion Circular. Make Fashion Circular ambition is to ensure clothes are made from safe & renewable materials, new business models increase their use, & old clothes are turned into new. This new economy would benefit business, society, & the environment.

This is a larger than life goal for us. But we believe - “Together we can!”