Environment friendly design
To reduce the carbon emission, water consumption, & pollution we use 100% rain-fed organic cotton, recycled fibers, & natural dyes.
Our products are designed using environment friendly raw materials including buttons & zippers that can be recycled back to its natural state.
To promote usage of renewable sources & to provide an aesthetic feel, we support the age-old traditional arts & methods of hand-spun or hand-woven fabric making.  
Consume less
Our design inspires extended, or multiple use.
Our “grow-with-me” collections ensure that kids can wear the dress for years.
Our “modular” collections inspire creative style up of outfits in different ways to meet many occasions.
Zero wastage
We slow down waste by designing for extended usage!
To eliminate wastage from our production, we create accessories, & playmates.
The goal is to have zero inventory waste & everything we produce is made-to-order (tailored for your body shape & age-balanced customizations)
Ethical & social impact
There is a social cause too, “A purchase you make, we will help a person in need”
We spend months finding the best partners with fair wages, reasonable hours, and environment.
In the future, we want to promote new business models like subscriptions or leasing of our clothes thereby taking the responsibility of reintegrating clothes to a new fashion lifecycle.
In future, we plan to reveal the true costs from materials to labor to transportation. We believe our customers have a right to know how much their clothes cost to make.
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